Where are we going? #inktober

It’s my good friend Bram and his better half Amelia’s big night tonight and I cannot wait to join them in celebrating this special day!

Inktober session with abitto. The story of the postman who lost his job due to his pet chicken.

Going on my supposed ‘vacation’ soon. Let’s hope I can keep updating! I might even get to scan some stuff.

Front and back of the same page and same hair.

Good night now everyone!! Time to board my flight.

So I am about to head for my vacation tomorrow and I joked with my friend how I don’t know how to take vacation anymore.

What crazy things do you do as a workaholic? haha

(After doing this, I think I am pretty ready for my vacation now! But a pack for of art supplies is true and a must!!)

Watched Gone Girl. Yep. Spoiler on how you might feel and act while watching this film. Go watch it in theaters, it is worth it. (But still be warned, it is thriller and you have to be able to handle it)

Top is a scene I quickly tried to remember from Sunday. (aka result of phone dying all day)

Matched it to today’s song prompted Inktober #6!
Of The Young- Delphic

Finally gone back to my favorite Mount Pleasant area to finish that page of tiny rectangles!

Theme of today’s painting session: simplify!

I really liked this girl’s outfit and the way my friend wore her scarf haha.

Inktober Day 3&4

This next step always scared me.. Moving onto ‘finals’? Maybe I should call it something else to make myself less nervous. >____<