Just a work doodle of my friends.

I am Little Laine. 

Be mindful. I am tree today.

The sunset that night. #sunset #pastel #memories

It’s a Chipmunk…it’s a CHIPMONK..


it’s  _________ !! (insert name of your friend who loves to munch on chips)

About Time (2013) Directed by Richard Curtis was one of the most enjoyable movies I have seen this year. If this doesn’t convince you to watch it, I just hope you will enjoy these character illustrations  inspired by this wonderful movie :P

PS: I tried to not spoil too much with the quotes and these bits from my favorite moments. you will understand if ya watched it.

Made my part of our 24hour film here into a GIF.

I actually thought I missed the deadline for loopdeloop. After getting more sleep, I realized I was still on time.

So guys,

Be like water.

Made with love from Sheep Deprived Productions to you.

Order of appearance:

Jessica Yang….The Chronic Foddie

Elaine Chen.…The Anticlimatic

Cassandra Lau…Magically Impaired

Reina Kanemitsu…The Christmas Decoration

and special thanks to Paul Nefedov for perfectly portraying the vocally impaired priest.

This is now our 7th film made as a group,  see most of them here if you’d like.. they are all quite silly and have signs of being sheep deprived ;)

My first #flipbookit !! I know I will make more in the future cuz this is too awesome.

ps, I know you may be seeing this once again… But man building your own box was fun!!!!

Did you feed yours today?