Sunday sunset #sunset #gouache #travels

Weather man says it might rain.
So I needed a few colors to cheer me up.
Happy Thursday! Rain or shine!

random test

People’s faces here and there…I want to look at more faces*^* join the game here!

I reveal the answers tonight!!
So far, people only have guessed: third one, Silver Lining Playbook and fourth being The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. (Doodles are of my real life friends too haha)

Captain Haddock here morning to you all!

For en-dum-en getting one right for the game here :D

I had too much fun here. Teehee, time to go to work now

Guess the movies! (Yes, all different!)

For each picture, one person can win a doodle. I will let you know if you were the first, and send me a picture of you I will do a free doodle of it :P

Somehow I think this MIGHT be hard haha.

Try? You can reblog or message me…somehow I will see it I have no idea how to turn that reply bubble on haha

So in the order of appearance. Metropolis, Beasts of the southern wild, Silver lining Playbook, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Fantastic, Amelie :)

Let’s go again.

Photo study from here.

Did I mention I absolutely love this blog? It just makes me want to travel.